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We focus on solution to build this industries .

We carry out business in the following sectors mainly involved in Petrochemicals, Oil and Gas industries, Wholesale & Retail trading and servicing Industrial Equipment. The company activities, discussed are further elaborated in the following sub sections;

We are specialized in construction of site offices, buildings and housing development. We are capable in doing primary works, roadwork, trenching, excavation and at site. Construction of
the building footings and beams. Civil works of the buildings and fabricated roof structures.The company is constructing big site offices in Pengerang Johor for Refinery and Petrochemical Integrated Development (RAPID) project . RAPID is the largest PETRONAS project.

We have experience handling piping fabrications and Installations. We provide the client with efficient project management team for planning and execution stages to cater customer big projects and shut downs. Our service include the QA/QC. Our dedicated team have wealth of experience in plant constructions, shut downs, Turn Arounds and Rejuvenation projects.

We have experience handling shutdown, Installation, hook-up and commissioning works at PETRONAS Gas Processing Plant complex A and B, PETRONAS Penapisan (T) Sdn. Bhd. Ethylene / Polyethylene Malaysia Sdn Bhd., PETRONAS CUF Kerteh and Gebeng, Onshore Gas Terminal (OGT), and Titan Petrochemical plant in Pasir Gudang. We also have experience in handling off-shore shutdown hook-up and commissioning job. During turn around we provide the client with efficient project scheduling to cater customer shutdown planning and, we handle offshore platform engineering services.

We are capable to troubleshoot the faulty equipment and putting back on line as normal. We also provide experienced analyzer manpower to perform daily preventive maintenance work such as trouble shooting and repair work for all process measurement control systems and electrical device

EOSB also have ability and facility for mechanical works. Most of our project is related with compressor, chiller, pump and turbine.
Our scope includes:

 Troubleshoot and resolve pumps and compressors operating problems.

 Conduct inspection of turbine control systems operation, turbine operating parameters, start-up and shutdown sequence.

 Conduct pumps and compressors inspections at the industry accepted inspection intervals, determine condition of internal parts, establish component life limits for safe turbine operation, make recommendations for scheduling of major gas generator/turbine overhauls and develop the scopes of work including references to vendor bulletins.

 Troubleshoot and resolve gas compressors and pumps operating problems, including vibration concerns, bearings, couplings, seals and specifying the correct equipment
(metallurgy) for the service condition.

 Determine the current alignment values for rotating equipment and be able to conduct alignment checks in the field.
During project execution, we also ensure and verify all services and construction works to comply with project specification and fulfill client requirements.

Our Energy Efficiency Consultancy Services offers detailed inspection, survey, measurement and analysis of energy flow of a built environment. Results and reports from the audit can determine the present practice, areas of high energy consumption, strengths and weaknesses, and recommendations to improve energy efficiency of a building or equipment without compromising the safety, efficiency and comfort of the workspace environment.

To cater the client’s requirements, we are ready to supply competent Manpower at reasonable rates for Oil, Gas and Petrochemical plants and project.

Having good relations between the principal suppliers and manufactures, we are able to supply various types of equipment and parts as reasonable price and delivery. Supply of Oil and Gas Material and equipment such as pipe fittings, tools, machineries spare parts, TLV steam traps, gasket (TOMBO) and chemicals for boiler and water treatment and also electrical and instrument spare parts. Also, Rental services for Test Equipment are available with us.

Our Prime service involves hook up and commissioning work which include cabling, street,perimeter, helideck and flood lighting, lighting distribution board, motor circuit, panels,earthling and lighting protection, electrical protective relay, UPS Installation, public address system and installation and other related electrical and Fiber Optic works. We provide in field instrument installation services such as flow, level, pressure, temperature, control valve, gas flow meter, and fusible fug loop and also on line analyzer. The works covers testing and commissioning for the whole loops. During project execution, we also ensure and verify all construction works to comply with project specification, drawings and procedure.

Most of the projects undertaken by EOSB consist of cargo basket, cabin, container and etc. EOSB provides blasting and painting to its fabrication work accordingly to client’s requirements.
QAQC programme is implemented at every stage of the blasting and painting work to ensure work specification is fully complied. EOSB carries out various blasting and painting inspections jointly with paint manufacturer`s inspector i.e. chlorides tests, profile tests, adhesion tests(Pull-Off / X-cut test) etc. and all inspections are carried with the attendance of paint manufacturer’s NACE level 3 inspector.