EOSB also have ability and facility for mechanical works. Most of our project is related with
compressor, chiller, pump and turbine.
Our scope includes:

  Troubleshoot and resolve pumps and compressors operating problems
  Conduct inspection of turbine control systems operation, turbine operating
     parameters, start-up and shutdown sequence
  Conduct pumps and compressors inspections at the industry accepted inspection
     intervals, determine condition of internal parts, establish component life limits for
     safe turbine operation, make recommendations for scheduling of major gas
  Troubleshoot and resolve gas compressors and pumps operating problems, including
     vibration concerns, bearings, couplings, seals and specifying the correct equipment
     (metallurgy) for the service condition
  Determine the current alignment values for rotating equipment and be able to conduct alignment checks in the field

During project execution, we also ensure and verify all services and construction works to
comply with project specification and fulfill client requirements